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The Alamo

The Alamo
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John Wayne's directorial debut The Alamo is set in 1836: Wayne plays Col. Davy Crockett, who, together with Colonels Jim Bowie (Richard Widmark) and William Travis (Laurence Harvey) and 184 hardy Americans and Texicans, defends the Alamo mission against the troops of Mexican general Santa Ana. There's a lot of macho byplay before the actual attack, including the famous "letter" scene in which Wayne craftily rouses the patriotic ire of his subordinates. Also appearing are Richard Boone as Sam Houston, and Chill Wills (whose somewhat tasteless Oscar campaign has since become legendary in the annals of shameless self-promotion) as Beekeeper. Wayne's production crew was compelled to reconstruct the Alamo in Bracketville, Texas, about a hundred miles from the actual site. Dimitri Tiomkin's score, including The Green Leaves of Summer, received generous airplay on the Top-40 radio outlets of America. Rumors persist that Wayne's old pal John Ford directed most of The Alamo; cut to 161 minutes for its general release, the film was restored to its original, 192-minute length in 1992.


1,00 € each



2h 35m
John Wayne
James Edward Grant
John Wayne: Col. Davy Crockett
Richard Widmark: Jim Bowie
Laurence Harvey: Col. William Travis
Frankie Avalon: Smitty
Patrick Wayne: Capt. James Butler Bonham
Linda Cristal: Flaca
Joan O'Brien: Mrs. Sue Dickinson
Chill Wills: Beekeeper
Joseph Calleia: Juan Seguin
Ken Curtis: Capt. Almeron Dickinson
Carlos Arruza: Lt. Reyes
Jester Hairston: Jethro
Veda Ann Borg: Blind Nell Robertson
John Dierkes: Jocko Robertson
Denver Pyle: Thimblerig (the Gambler)
Aissa Wayne: Lisa Angelica Dickinson
Hank Worden: Parson
William Henry: Dr. Sutherland (as Bill Henry)
Bill Daniel: Col. Neill
Wesley Lau: Emil Sande
Chuck Roberson: Tennesseean
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams: Lt. 'Irish' Finn (as Guinn Williams)
Olive Carey: Mrs. Dennison
Ruben Padilla: General Santa Anna
Richard Boone: Gen. Sam Houston
Action, Adventure, Drama

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