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Elmer Gantry

Elmer Gantry
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The novel tells the story of a young, narcissistic, womanizing college athlete who abandons his early ambition to become a lawyer. The legal profession does not suit the unethical Gantry, who then becomes a notorious and cynical alcoholic. Gantry is mistakenly ordained as a Baptist minister, briefly acts as a "New Thought" evangelist, and eventually becomes a Methodist minister. He acts as manager for Sharon Falconer, an itinerant evangelist. Gantry becomes her lover but loses both her and his position when she is killed in a fire at her new tabernacle.

During his career, Gantry contributes to the downfall, physical injury, and even death of key people around him, including a genuine minister, Frank Shallard. Ultimately Gantry marries well and obtains a large congregation in Lewis's fictional Midwestern city of Zenith.

1,00 € each



2h 21m
Richard Brooks
Richard Brooks, from the novel by Sinclair Lewis
Burt Lancaster: Elmer Gantry
Jean Simmons: Sister Sharon Falconer
Arthur Kennedy: Jim Lefferts
Dean Jagger: William L. Morgan
Shirley Jones: Lulu Bains
Patti Page: Sister Rachel
Edward Andrews: George F. Babbitt (as Ed Andrews)
John McIntire: Rev. John Pengilly
Hugh Marlowe: Rev. Philip Garrison
Joe Maross: Pete
Philip Ober: Rev. Planck
Barry Kelley: Police Capt. Holt
Wendell Holmes: Rev. Ulrich
Dayton Lummis: Eddington
Elmer Gantry, le charlatan

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